Quantcast natural disasters pics and videos just sick tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and acts of god

2008 Disasters month by month

January 2008 Disasters

January saw three major disasters around the world,
Starting on New Years and going for 4 days Kenya saw riots that burned down homes, businesses, farms and killed an estimated 300 people in the riot. The riots began over a presidential election where Mwai Kibaki (Kikuyu) defeats Raila Odinga (Luo) sending the two Luo and Kikuyu tribes into a tribal battle for 5 days of new years violence.
January 7 & 8: Tornadoes caused by record-breaking temperatures kill at least six people, including two children, destroy houses, and flood roads.
Jan. 28 - China: 78 million people are affected by severe snow storms and bad weather leaving over 800,000 people evacuated, millions without power, 600, 000 train passengers stranded and 2 dozen dead. This disaster is expensive for China costing an estimated 3.2 billion dollars.
January to Spring Brazil: Brazil starts a fever outbreak that will last for months. By April, more hospitals are opened and people begin education for curbing the mosquito driven dengue fever that has now infected over 75,000 people and by April, killed at least 80. January saw the start on the dangue fever epidemic.

February 2008 Disasters

The disasters just kept going through February…
Feb. 3- Rep. of the Congo: at least 45 people are killed and about 450 more injured after two earthquakes, a 6.0 and a 5.0.
Feb. 5 U.S South.: at least 55 people are killed and hundreds more injured after violent tornadoes rip through the southern United States. According to emergency officials, the victims include 31 people in Tennessee, 13 in Arkansas, 7 in Kentucky, and 3 in Alabama.
Feb. 7 - U.S.: an explosion at an Imperial Sugar Refinery near Savannah, Georgia kills 14 people and injures many more.
Feb. 21, Venezuela: A airplane from Venezuela crashes into the Andean Mountain - killing all 46 people aboard.

March 2008 Disasters

March 14 - US: Georgia is hit by another disaster, this time it’s bad weather and tornadoes rip through the southern state. 2 people are killed and at least 30 people are injured in Atlanta and northwestern counties of Georgia including Polk County and Floyd County. The tornadoes bring down many large centers including the CNN one and cause millions in damage.
March 17-US: Flooding and bad weather affect states from Pennsylvania to Texas causing road closures, evacuations and the deaths of 13 people.

April 2008 Disasters

April 29, US: Tornadoes in Virginia cover 3 counties, destroy communities and injure many

May 2008 Disasters

May saw 2 of the worst natural disasters of the decade and left over 150,000 casualties, billions in damage, millions homeles and the entire world trying to help.
May 3 - Myanmar: One of the worst natural disasters of the decade hits, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. Death and destruction follow leaving millions homeless and an astounding estimated 78,000 people dead or missing. Most of the deaths were caused by water and the huge tidal waves that flooded the land and ripped structures apart.
May 11- US.: 20 people die and many left homeless in southern states because of tornadoes
May 12 - China: A 7.9 earthquake strikes China killing over 67,000 people die and leaving hundreds of thousands more injured. Following the earthquake were more natural disasters in the form of floods and landslides that killed, injured and left many more people trapped.

June 2008 Disasters

June 9- US.: Central states see severe weather and record flooding, 10 people die as the Cedar river rises 17 feet, the highest recorded, and floods Cedar Rapids breaking dams and causing thousands of evacuations.
June 11 -US: In Iowa a tornado kills four Boy Scouts and injures 48 people
June 17 - southern China: the worst flooding in 50 years kills over 60 people, destroys 5.4 million acres of crops, causes landslides, and leaves 13 people missing in nine southern Chinese provinces.
June 21 - Philippines: Typhoon Fengshen crosses the Princess of the Stars, killing most of the 865 passengers and crew. There are 59 known survivors. Almost 500 other people die during the storm.

July 2008 Disasters

July 24 - Japan: 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes many miles below the earth’s surface in the region of Iwate.
July 27 - Ukraine: 18 people die during 5 days of very heavy rain inthe Ukraine and Romania,

August 2008 Disasters

Aug. 1- Pakistan: a large mass of ice breaks on K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, causing an avalanche that kills 11 climbers.
Aug. 4 - Himachal Pradesh: almost 150 people die in a stampede during a festival celebrating the Hindu mother goddess at Naina Devi temple in northern India. A rumor of a landslide is said to have started the stampede
Aug. 20 - Spain: Over 150 people die when a 160-person passenger plane skids off the runway and explodes while trying to take off at the Barajas airport in Madrid.
Aug. 23 - U.S.: 12 people die, many more are injured and left homeless as Tropical storm Faye hits Florida and other southern states.
Aug. 28 - India: Kosi River floods killing 75 and leaving millions homeless or living in camps.
Aug. 28 - Cuba: Over 130 people die and many more are injured when Hurricane Gustav makes landfall in the Caribbean.

September 2008 Disasters

Sept. 1 - U.S. Gulf Coast: Hurricane Gustav back at work leaving Cuba and now hitting the U.S. Hurricane Gustav devastates the Gulf Coast, kills at least 26 people in Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi.
Sept. 5 - Haiti: Tropical Storm Hanna strikes Haiti, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands.
Sept. 7 - Cuba: Cuba and the islands just got hit with one storm a fe weeks back and now they face Hurricane Ike which kills over 60 people in Haiti, 4 more are killed in Cuba, and 80% of homes are destroyed on Turks and Caicos islands.
Sept. 12 - U.S. California: Metrolink commuter train collides with a freight train northwest of Los Angeles, killing 25 passengers.
Sept. 13 - US: Hurricane Ike hits Texas and causes more deaths, evacuations and loss of power, Hurricane Ike travels inland causing severe flooding and power outages in parts of Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. 17 more people die due to Ike.
Sept. 30 - India: Another religious stampede and a collapsed wall kill over 100 people during the Navratra religious festival. Those Indian religious festivals are starting to look dangerous

October 2008 Disasters

Oct. 6 - Kyrgyzstan: 6.6 magnitude earthquake levels the town of Nura. 70 people die, hundreds more are injured.
Oct. 29 - Pakistan: 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits southwestern Pakistan, killing at least 170 people and destroying around 15,000 homes.

November 2008 Disasters

Nov. 7 - Haiti: School collapses killing 90 students.
Nov. 9 - Sea of Japan: A new Russian nuclear sub has an accident.  20 people die and 21 more are injured when two compartments flood with Freon gas during tests in the Sea of Japan.
Nov. 15 - U.S.: California wild fires
Nov. 22 - Brazil: Brazil is hit again by bad weather and 119 people die and over 80,000 homes are destroyed during heavy rains and flooding.

December 2008 Disasters

Dec. 11-  U.S.: The New England states see tons of ice and snow during storms.  Many power lines are effected, hundreds of thousands left without power causing President Bush to declare a state of emergency in parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, getting FEMA to come in with help.

Check out the sick pics of the 2008 major disasters

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I would like to thank all of our readers who come back to, well… our sick sites. We are now migrating to a better system to allow for our growth and try to get the various categories under one umbrella, so to speak.The new site will be found at http://justsickshit.com/sick and we will be moving stuff daily ’till done, it may take some time due to the spread out nature of the way JSS was originally designed (we are changing that).

Again, I want to thank everyone who comments and contributes their opinions … even JewRock, who seems to be well hated across the board… I still thank your dumb ass.

and check out the new just sick shit http://justsickshit.com/sick (not yet done, but kickin ass anyway).

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I can not believe this fool kept filming through this as the people outside were literally washed away. This is the 2004 Tsunami from a restaurant in phuket. This is insane, This guy is actually talking into his camcorder as people are getting washed away by the flood waters. Just crazy shit. Check out this video, the beginning is a bit distorted but somehow he gets better focus when the shit hits the fan.

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amateur video footage of a tsunami - 2004 tsunami disaster. Shot from walkway above the Penang Beach shore, long shot of ocean before three men are caught in battering waves. You can hear how the mood changes from hey thats cool to oh shit run for it and the camera goes off.


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animated_hurricane.gifThis is such a horrible natural disaster, cyclone kills thousands and many, many still missing, 20 thousand plus are confirmed dead with over 40 thousand people missing and millions left homeless.For anyone who does not know what a cyclone is… its a hurricane that spins in the opposite direction. The difference between a cyclone and a hurricane is the direction in which the winds spin.

From the International Herald Tribune - The death toll from a powerful cyclone that struck Myanmar over the weekend rose to 22,500 on Tuesday, and foreign governments and aid organizations began mobilizing for a major relief operation.

The number was the latest in a steadily escalating official toll since Cyclone Nargis struck early Saturday, devastating much of the fertile Irrawaddy Delta and the nation’s major city, Yangon. At a news conference in Yangon, the minister for relief and resettlement, Maung Maung Swe, said 41,000 people were still missing from the cyclone, which triggered a surge of water inland from the sea.


“More deaths were caused by the tidal wave than the storm itself,” the minister said, in the first official description of the destruction.

“The wave was up to 12 feet high,” or 3.6 meters, “and it swept away and inundated half the houses in low-lying villages. They did not have anywhere to flee.”


A spokesman for the United Nations World Food Program said that as many as one million people might have lost their homes and that some villages had been almost totally destroyed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enjoy this music video! I had a whole bunch of clips of Natural disasters and Ready to Fall in my little editing program so I could share with my peeps.

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A great story on Natrual Disasters! Floods, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Tornados, Sand Storms, Fires, and alot more!

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Lately there is a political conspiracy to smear, slander and defame McCain. As the evidence clearly shows it would be absurd to try to blame McCain. With the political primaries there has been a figurative political assassination attempt to slander McCain by saying an insinuating that McCain murdered his crewmen by deliberately causing this mishap. The facts and evidence clearly shows that McCain was a victim and not responsible for this mishap. The real experts agree, the only “experts” that disagree are clearly politically motivated since the self-proclaimed “experts” bashing McCain didn’t pop up until the election started heating up.

I find it despicable that these hateful political activists resort to slandering McCain a military veteran POW in good standing.

I have mixed feelings about McCain’s politics. Regardless on how you feel about his politics you should respect the man for volunteering to go into harm’s way to serve the military and his country and for being a POW and suffering torture that most people couldn’t fathom.

I think these political activists that are spamming their slander should spend eternity in hell. I really wish someone with some legal expertise would find some way to file charges and prosecute them while they still are alive.

As far as I know is the first time this video has been made readily available on the Internet to the GP when I posted this on Youtube. ;)

I think there is an old documentary VHS tape that might have this footage. And I have seen a few documentaries on cable TV that has SOME of this footage.

This tape is old and damaged. The video is poor but audio/narration is good. There is some better video out there but I think they have more film cut out.Some clipped and edited differently. This is just a short clip with some scenes often not shown.

A ZUNI rocket was fired accidentally from an aircraft being readied for a mission on July 29, 1967. The rocket screamed across the flight deck, struck another aircraft and ignited a fuel fire. The initial fire could have been contained, but 90 seconds after the fire started a bomb detonated, killing or seriously wounding most of the fire fighters.

The detonation ruptured the flight deck, and burning fuel spilled into the lower levels of the ship. Bombs, warheads, and rocket motors exploded with varying egress of intensity in the fire, killing 134 and wounding 161 men. Twenty-one aircraft were destroyed!

After this incident, the Navy established a flag level committee to pursue improvements to the systems used to control flight deck fuel fires. An ordnance safety program was also initiated to characterize flight deck fuel fires and study ways to delay the “cook-off” times of munitions. As a result; insulation is now applied to some bomb casings, delaying “cook-off” times 5 to 10 minutes in a fuel fire, but does not diminish the violence of its explosive reaction.

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Here are pics from a sand storm that kicked up sand up to 30 feet high. The stacked sand bags in this picture may not really help with this problem… but hey, these guys will have plenty of sand left to make more sand bags for future disasters.

tons of sand


sick sand

sand storm

sand storm image

sand storm

sand storm

desert sand storm 30 foot sand gust

sand storm

I believe these pictures are taken in the middle East and it is on a military base, but I am not sure. I lost the original story. If anyone knows where this is, please tell.

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I gotta wonder if the photographer lived, somehow I doubt that he lived through that giant tidal wave. This picture was supposedly found in a camera after the Tsunami in I believe Sumatra. I can’t believe someone stood there to get this picture.

Sumatra tsunami

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